The FABER Sas is mainly engaged in production of electric kilns for professionals and the ceramic and glass industry. Born from the experience of people working for years in the sector, it offers a line of ovens with operating temperatures ranging from 800 to 1300 ° C.

Deals with the marketing of used ovens, their maintenance and upgrading to safety standards currently in force. For some time the FABER SAS has expanded its product range to try to provide a more complete service to its customers. In fact in our company you can find what is necessary for those who practice the activity is a hobby that as a profession.

We provide customized ovens based on the particular needs of the customer, as well as fast and reliable technical assistance, with spare parts always in stock and ready for delivery. We also cooperate with the world of ceramics professionals, glass and porcelain for the realization of courses.

All our products are subject to CE marking and declaration of conformity.


The construction of our ovens it is made of molded and painted steel sheet powder, with door to wide-ranging opening flag. The interior insulation of the firing chamber is usually made of ceramic fiber panels high density to allow a minimum consumption of energy, but we realize at the same time entirely of insulating brick ovens to fully meet the specific needs of each client.
The whole of the oven cooking cycle is controlled by a microprocessor capable of storing 15 firing cycles of 20 steps time-temperature.